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Willow & Zac Evie

Every woman needs an Evie in her life. Swap around the straps to wear crossbody, as a clutch, or pop in a Faith cardholder (I will send you one for free) and like magic she's a soft wallet. Choose colours from pebbled leather or printed suede.  


Blunt Umbrella

Most of us have seen some rain recently, and you could do with an umbrella that actually works, right? Kiwi engineer Greig Brebner tested his prototypes on the blustery hills of Auckland. These umbrellas work, they can handle anything, and are a great gift idea. 



Plants in a Box Houseplants

Get some greenery in your home. These guys ship a range of 600+ premium plants across Australia, with delivery to your door. Bypass the crowds and the tempting smell of sausage sizzle (you know where I mean) and support this Aussie ecommerce startup instead.



The Kindness Pandemic

Among the good things to come out of 2020 was the Kindness Pandemic, a FB group started by Dr Catherine Barrett to support people impacted by that other pandemic. Join the group where thousands of Australians are choosing to stay positive, look out for others and spread kindness. 



Breakfast with Audrey @breakfast.with.audrey

Embodying the stylish spirit of Audrey H, Vanessa Roberts shares inspiration for Australian women who appreciate nice things to live their dream life. There is something for everyone - advice on fashion, beauty, living and staying classy.


Our fave pasta made into a comforting Italian soup meal, and all whipped up in 30 mins? Tiffany's simple recipe has all the important elements and plenty of cheesiness. I think this one might be a Winner!

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